Our purpose is simple: we provide the capital required to help the producers, filmmakers and storytellers of the world turn their visions into reality.

Our team has closed hundreds of deals and provided billions of dollars to independent film & TV projects.
We have partnered with institutional investors and some of the industry’s most experienced deal-closers to form the go-to financier for the entertainment sector.

We believe that our team is a great addition to any team. We’re constructive, creative problem-solvers who work clearly and transparently. We build long-term relationships through trust, integrity and mutual respect.

We’re more than financiers though, we’re passionate cinephiles with hands-on experience producing our own projects. So, we know the process, which means we know the pain points and how to get over, around and through them.

For the film & TV making community, we are the straightforward, efficient and reliable source of capital.


Ashland Hill projects are as diverse as the filmmakers who bring them to us. Whether its franchise tentpoles, authentic genre pieces, or groundbreaking independent film, we excel at supporting the filmmakers, no matter how large or small the scope of financing.

Meet The Team

Our team was built to facilitate every aspect of the specialized lending process. We are international, spanning five different countries, each member has a specific role in shepherding projects to completion. With decades of institutional and private funding knowledge, we help filmmakers because we know filmmaking.

An entrepreneur with a knack for founding companies, Bross has over twenty-seven years of experience in private debt, film finance, and film production.

Jonathan Bross
Managing Partner

Throughout his 20+ year career Chausse has brought a cross-cultural sensibility to his work in the septième art, as his native French family think of it.

Matthew Chausse

Jenckes has a true love of story, he’s an award-winning producer with 25+ years of experience in the development, finance, and production of scripted content worldwide.

Joe Jenckes
SVP, Production

Lubin has spent more than a decade as an independent film and television executive, initially working in international sales and distribution, before transitioning to finance.

Juliana Lubin
Vice President, Investments

A self-professed cinephile, Simpson is a UK-based film financier and producer with over twenty-five years of experience in both the independent and studio sectors.

Joe Simpson
Managing Partner

Stoller started his career in marketing and healthcare however his passion for filmmaking soon led him to the entertainment industry.

Merrick Stoller
Associate, Production

Wang is an experienced film finance executive who believes in supporting independent producers with clarity and honesty.

Andy Wang
Vice President, Investments

Williams has been a film financier for over ten years, executive producing more than 45 films and closing over $750m in transactions.

Simon Williams
Managing Partner

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